Recipe Suggestions : Savoury Tomato Jam


Over the years I have made numerous versions of this Tomato Jam, adding different spices such as ginger and cumin or lots of lemon juice & zest with a little cinnamon thereby turning it into a marmalade. Or adding chillies to spice it up and always adding sugar as part of the basic recipe. This of course started in the States where we always had a glut of tomatoes on hand.

Today I now leave out the sugar and sweeten it with a dash of Irish apple juice and Irish apple cider vinegar; this has created a lovely vibrant red tomato jam that can be served in many ways as you will read below. But most importantly my Savoury Tomato Jam can be enjoyed by everyone even those watching their sugar intake.

 Melanie H.



Serve with an Irish cheese board long side our Savoury Gluten Free Biscuits.

Spread goats cheese on a wrap, top with Savoury tomato jam, roll and cut into wheels for canapés or serve for lunch with salad.

Mix into softened cream cheese and use as a spread or dip with veggie sticks.

Fold into mayonnaise to dollop on a burger or use instead of ketchup.

Slice leftover rolls, spread with our Tomato jam, grate your choice of cheese and grill, this is also great to make with your little ones.

Spread on a sandwich instead of mayo or butter or serve with cold meats.

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