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Hartys Original Jellies – the savoury jelly makers

Harty’s Jellies make a range of six savoury jellies: Chargrilled Pepper Jelly, Mint Jelly, Hot Pepper Jelly, Apple and Sage with Chilli Jelly, Cranberry Jelly and Ginger Hot Pepper Jelly. Each jar contains 230g. All Harty’s Original Jellies are 100% Irish made and are ‘clean’, that is they contain no additives, preservatives, meat gelatine (they are 100% vegetarian) and are all gluten-free and dairy free. The whole range is also virtually fat-free and salt-free (they contain only negligible amounts).

Our savoury jellies can be used exactly like a relish or condiment: served on top of a sausage, on the side of a meat or cheese plate, to add excitement to a sandwich (use it instead of mustard or mayonnaise); to serve with lamb or pork chops (our Harty’s Mint Jelly is excellent but so is the Harty’s Original Apple and Sage and the Hot Pepper Jelly); with a grilled chicken breast (a dollop of Ginger Hot Pepper Jelly will transform it); to serve with an Irish breakfast when you need a little bit of heat (try our Hot Pepper Jelly) or to eat with roast meats including beef, lamb and turkey.

The Harty’s Original Jelly range were created by chef Melanie Harty, a regular at artisan food markets and festivals throughout the country. Originally from Tralee, County Kerry, Melanie originally moved to the US to further her career as a chef – when she was there, she became passionate about making savoury jellies. When she returned to Ireland to live full-time, she based herself in County Kerry and set about making the finest savoury jellies.

Ireland has a long tradition of jelly making and mint jelly is served with Easter roast lamb. Melanie, who is a lover of traditional jellies, was struck by the taste and versatility of the pepper jellies she found in America – an increasingly popular condiment that has its roots in the spicy rustic home-cooked food of Texas and the surrounding southern states. This type of jelly is often referred to as ‘savoury jelly’ in England where there is a fine tradition of making mint jelly, cranberry jelly and the sweeter quince jelly.

Discover Harty’s Pepper Jelly for yourself and experience the exceptional taste of these unique, delectable condiments.

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Fine Food Stores

We sell to some of the finest food stores in Ireland. Our jellies are great sellers on the shelf but also sell well on cheese, meat and deli counters.


Harty’s Jellies are known for their quality and for being a multi-award-winning ‘clean Irish-made product’ with no additives or preservatives. They are also perfect for adding flavour to coeliac and vegetarian menus. Any of our jellies works as a lively addition to a cheese board, with a meat platter or as part of a cold starter. Add a little something Irish to your menu today! You can also sell the jars in the restaurant.

Food Gift Companies

If you are interested in inserting our Harty’s Jellies into a hamper or gift pack, please click on our contact tab above. We are 100% Irish-made and our jellies make a perfect seasonal gift.

Food Festivals and Food Markets

We pride ourselves on our presence at artisan food markets which are very close to our heart. Why not let us know if you are running one.

Food Buyers

Harty’s Jellies are delighted to be stocked by SuperValu. We would love to see our product on every shelf in every multiple in Ireland. We would love to hear from you if you think Harty’s Jellies would sell well in your supermarket.


Harty’s Jellies make a thoughtful gift for staff, suppliers and customers. We offer gift boxing and delivery. Why not give something special and Irish-made?

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