Hartys Original Cranberry Jelly

Harty’s Cranberry Jelly is a lighter alternative to the more traditional Cranberry Sauce. Serve it just the same way: with roast turkey, roast chicken, in a sandwich made from leftover cold meats and with salads.

Harty’s Original Cranberry Jelly is on sale at the best SuperValu stores in the country and at fine food stores in Ireland.

100% natural
100% vegetarian
No artificial preservatives, additives or colourings
Low-fat (0.05g fat per 100g so virtually no-fat!)
100% Irish-made


(PS It is also 100% vegetarian so you can be certain that it will work well served with a vegetarian Christmas dinner! It is also gluten-free and dairy-free.)


Make a quick bruschetta with cream cheese, a sliver of cured Parma ham and a spoon of our Harty’s Original Cranberry Jelly (who says Cranberry is just for Christmas?). Because you are adding lots of flavour with a spoon of our jelly, no-one will notice if you use low-fat cream cheese. Or serve thin shavings of Parmesan on a cheese cracker with a spoon of Harty’s Original Cranberry Jelly. Serve on a vintage plate to add even more style.

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