Slice vine ripened tomatoes in half, slice both onion and garlic very thinly, add all to a baking tray, sprinkle with a little olive oil, a pinch of sugar and black pepper. Toss and grill until soft and charred, stir in our GINGER HOT PEPPER JELLY, leave to chill and serve with cold meats or in sandwiches.


 Spread your wrap with our CRANBERRY JELLY, mix pulled turkey, cream cheese and chopped chives together, filled wrap and enjoy or roll and slice into wheels as finger food.


Spread Hummus on toasted Sourdough or crackers and top with our ROASTED PEPPER JELLY.


Fill mini Vol au vents with your choice of cheese, warm in the oven, top with jelly and serve, eg.  brie with our GINGER HOT PEPPER, goat’s cheese with APPLE & SAGE WITH CHILLI JELLY, cheddar with our HOT PEPPER JELLY.


Portobello mushrooms filled with diced brie and HOT PEPPER JELLY, baked.


Spread our PINEAPPLE AND CHILLI JELLY on your ham and cheese toastie.


Baguette sliced, toasted, topped with sliced buffalo mozzarella and CUMBERLAND WITH PORT JELLY.


Pita bread slathered with CRANBERRY JELLY, topped with turkey and gruyere, place under the grill to heat and melt the cheese, slice into triangles and serve.


Smoked salmon on brown bread with our GINGER HOT PEPPER JELLY, also add cream cheese.


Serve a charcuterie board of cured meats and cheeses with our JALAPENO PEPPER JELLY.


Toast sliced bread, take crusts off, cut out wheels with a cookie cutter, and place cooked white pudding on top with a dollop of CUMBERLAND WITH PORT JELLY, for a little kick, use our APPLE AND SAGE WITH CHILLI JELLY.


As all our SAVOURY JELLIES are vegetarian they can be served with any vegetarian and vegan dishes, we do not use any pork products or gelatine to set our jellies, only citrus pectin to set. 

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