How to use Harty’s Jellies

Here are great ways to use our jellies, from serving them simply on a turkey sandwich to making a mid-week dinner really special. All our jellies are naturally gluten-free, dairy-free, 100% vegetarian and virtually fat-free and salt-free.


SPICE UP AN IRISH FRY Serve any of our Pepper Jellies (Chargrilled Pepper Jelly,  Hot Pepper Jelly, Apple and Sage Jelly Ginger Hot Pepper Jelly) with an Irish fry. They go so well with sausages and black pudding too and are ideal to jazz up scrambled or poached eggs on toast.

SIZZLING SAUSAGES Brush cooked sausages (cocktail sausages if you are entertaining) with Harty’s Original Apple and Sage Jelly or Harty’s Original Mint Jelly.  You won’t believe the difference (and it’s an easy way to elevate a plain sausage).

TRY A HARTY’S CHEESE AND HAM TOASTIE  We know how dull lunches can be: make a ham and cheese toastie and spread the ham with our Chargrilled Pepper Jelly and transform it with just one spoon.

USE UP LEFTOVERS  Instead of throwing away leftover roast chicken or turkey, make a killer Coronation sandwich: mix 4 tablespoons of mayonnaise and some chopped celery with a teaspoon of your favourite curry paste. Serve on toasted granary bread with a dollop of our Harty’s Chargrilled Pepper Jelly on top.

SAVE MONEY ON FANCY DRESSINGS Add any of our jellies to a vinaigrette dressing: mix 2 parts olive oil to 1 part white wine/champagne/cider vinegar. Season with salt and freshly ground black pepper and add a teaspoon of any of our Harty’s Original Jelly range. It saves buying expensive dressings and you can change them each time to suit the dish you are serving them with.

TASTY VEGETARIAN DISHES Vegetarians will love our jellies, and not just because they are 100% vegetarian (we don’t use any meat products or gelatine in our jellies). Serve any of our jellies with a vegetarian lasagne, omelette, frittata, roast vegetable dish and your vegetarian family members and friends will thank you for it.

CHARGRILLED PEPPER CORN COBS When you see corn on the cob in the supermarket don’t leave it behind. Serve it warm with melted butter and slathered with Harty’s Original Chargrilled Pepper Jelly.

ALL OUR JELLIES ARE NATURALLY GLUTEN-FREE so you can serve them to anyone who is a coeliac and have absolute peace of mind.

CUT DOWN ON SATURATED FAT Want to cut down on using butter or fat? Our jellies make any dish taste better – no need to add butter to cooked meat or vegetables – brush over our jellies instead. In fact, anywhere you want to cut down on fat but add flavour, add a spoon of our jelly to your plate – it’s virtually fat-free AND packed with flavour.

HUMMUS ON BROWN BREAD Serve any of our Harty’s Original Jelly Range on hummus on brown bread for a healthy lunch (try rye bread or sourdough for a change). Add a slice of ham or cured meat for a more substantial meal. Add a sprinkling of toasted nuts or seeds to make it even better for you.

SAVE TIME ON CHOPPING If you hate chopping ginger and fresh chillies (it’s fiddly to remove the seeds), why not keep a jar of our Ginger Hot Pepper Jelly in the fridge. All you need is to add a spoon to any dish at the end of cooking and it will add those flavours without the hassle. Stir a spoon or two into fried rice to go with any Chinese-theme dish or fold a spoon into a cooked omelette.

EASY APPETISERS AND CANAPÉS Friends coming over for an informal glass of wine or is it your turn to host this month’s book club? Make a quick bruschetta with cream cheese, a sliver of cured Parma ham and a spoon of our Harty’s Original Cranberry Jelly (who says Cranberry is just for Christmas?). Because you are adding lots of flavour with a spoon of our jelly, no-one will notice if you use low-fat cream cheese. Or serve thin shavings of Parmesan (use a vegetable peeler) and serve on top of cheese crackers with a spoon of any of our Harty’s Original jellies (see our photograph above). Serve on a vintage plate to add even more style.

PORTOBELLO MUSHROOMS WITH BLUE CHEESE AND HOT PEPPER JELLY Make this easy WOW starter: crumble blue cheese onto portobello mushrooms, grill until golden and the cheese is bubbling. Crumble over crushed walnuts and top with Harty’s Original Hot Pepper Jelly.

ROAST VANILLA FRUITS Roast ripe peaches or plums in a baking tray with a sprinkling of sugar and a spoon of vanilla extract. Serve warm with Harty’s Original Ginger Hot Pepper Jelly and cold, cold, vanilla ice cream.

GINGERED PINEAPPLE Roast slices of fresh pineapple in the oven and serve with Harty’s Original Ginger Hot Pepper Jelly – serve with mascarpone to which you have added a spoon of honey.

“I use Harty’s jelly’s on a bagel with smoked rashers and cream cheese. I love the balance between sweet and spice in the jelly and think they make a great pairing for smoked meats and goo-ey cheese. The sage jelly is particularly good with our organic pork chops.

Heather Flaherty, Head Chef, McCambridges Restaurant, Galway

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