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– hints and tips on how to use our jellies;

– background on Melanie’s history as an Irish food producer working her way from the ground up;

– any other information you require for your article or feature.

– interviews with Melanie about creating an Irish-made product from scratch, what it’s like to be an Irish food entrepreneur and encouraging advice for those starting out.

– Melanie is also available to talk at conferences and events about entrepreneurism and building a small successful business.

Please call Melanie Harty directly at 087 325 8539 or email her from our contact page.


What people say about Harty’s Jellies

From Joe in Bray, Co. Wicklow

‘Hi Melanie, I was at Bloom last week where I bought a jar of your ginger hot pepper jelly from a lovely girl running the tastings. Well, I put it to the test yesterday as I had a barbeque with family and friends. I put a good helping in a bowl and stuck it in the microwave and used it as a marinade for chicken. The results were fantastic! The old burgers were abandoned in favour of the chicken which ran out. I exclaimed I was culinary genius but then I had to come clean and show them your jar of jelly. Continued success.’

From Julie-Anne, one of our happy Dublin customers

‘I bought a selection of your Jelly products at the RDS craft fair for a Christmas present. Well the Ginger and Hot Pepper Jelly has been a great success in this house! My husband uses the jelly in most sauces. We have kids so it allows us to make one sauce for pasta or bolognese etc and I can split it and add your jelly to the adult portion.’


From Sally McKenna, Bridgestone Guide

‘Hi Melanie, Your stunning products arrived this morning…. The jellies were superb, from the lovely taste and length of flavour, to the packaging and informative labels. They would stand out anywhere from Kerry, to Fallon & Byrne to Harrod’s Food Hall. Congratulations and please do keep in touch.’


Tasting notes on our award-winning jellies from the Great Taste Awards Competition Judges 2012

Harty’s Ginger Hot Pepper Jelly – spicy aroma, vibrant in appearance, firm texture and great balance of flavours with pleasant heat at the end.

Harty’s Cranberry Hot Pepper Jelly – attractive clear jelly, well balanced with the cranberries and mild chilli heat, not-over sweet with a tartness.

You can see a full list of the food awards that Harty’s Jellies have garnered here.

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