Notes from Melanie Harty

Ways to use Harty’s Jellies

Harty’s Jellies founder Melanie Harty gives her tips to use the range of Harty’s Jellies at home.

Mini-pastry cases with smoked salmon and blue cheese: Buy or make mini-pastry cases. Fill them with a dollop of blue cheese or any soft cheese. Add a spoon of Harty’s Ginger Hot Pepper Jelly. Top with a curl of smoked salmon. Decorate with a slice of lemon.

Cheese Vol-au-Vents: Fill cooked mini vol-au-vents with cheese, warm in the oven and add a spoon of any of our Harty’s Jellies on top. Here are some suggestions: Brie with Harty’s Ginger Hot Pepper Jelly; goat’s cheese with Harty’s Original Apple and Sage Jelly with Chilli, cheddar with Harty’s Original Hot Pepper.

Bruschetta with Mozzarella: Top toasted slices of baguette with drained, sliced, buffalo mozzarella and add Harty’s Original Ginger Hot Pepper Jelly. Add a leaf of fresh basil to each bruschetta.

Turkey Pittas: Fill pitta bread with Hartys’ Original Cranberry Jelly, top with shredded turkey and grated gruyere cheese, heat under the grill to melt the cheese, slice into triangles and serve.

White Pudding Wheels: Toast sliced bread, remove the crusts, cut out wheels with a cookie cutter, and place cooked white pudding on top with a dollop of cranberry, or for a little kick, use Harty’s Original Apple and Sage with Chilli jelly.

Salmon Quesadillas: spread a tortilla with Harty’s Ginger Hot Pepper Jelly, fill with smoked salmon and cream cheese, top with another tortilla, place in a lightly oiled hot pan to brown, turn over and cook for a minute or two on the other side. Cut into wedges.

Sausages with Apple and Sage: Brush cooked cocktail sausages with Harty’s Original Apple and Sage with Chilli jelly.

Poached Pears with Harty’s Cranberry Jelly: Melt Harty’s Original Cranberry jelly with 200mls cold water and the zest and juice of one orange in a pot. Add peeled pears and simmer until tender. Serve the poached pears with ice cream or a dollop of cream. Drizzle with the poaching liquid.

Retro Harty’s Cream Cheese Ball: Shape cream cheese into a medium-sized ball, warm your choice of Harty’s Original Pepper Jelly slightly, pour over the cream cheese and serve with crackers after dinner.

Puff Pastry Goat’s Cheese Squares: Defrost puff pastry, cut into small squares, brush with your choice of jelly and top with goat’s cheese – bake until golden and puffed.

Gluten-free pizza with Emmenthal and Roast Vegetables: Spread a gluten-free pizza base with any of our Harty’s Hot Pepper jellies, top with roasted vegetables, sliced Emmenthal and bake until the pizza base is golden and cooked through.

Black Pudding and Hot Pepper Jelly Rolls: Fry slices of black pudding in a pan with a little oil. Spread squares of defrosted puff pastry with any of our Harty’s Pepper jellies, crumble the black pudding on top, roll each square of pastry and secure with a little water. Bake until golden and puffed up.

Turkey and Cranberry Canapés: spread soft tortilla wraps with softened cream cheese, add Harty’s Cranberry Jelly and shredded turkey breast. Sprinkle with chopped chives. Roll the filled wrap and slice into rounds. Serve as finger food.


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