Melt CRANBERRY JELLY and one cup of water and zest and juice of one orange in a pot, add peeled pears and simmer until tender. Serve with ice cream or a dollop of cream and the poaching liquid.


Roll/shape cream cheese into a ball, warm your choice of our SAVOURY JELLY slightly, pour over the cream cheese and serve with crackers after dinner or as a snack.


Defrost puff pastry, cut into small squares, brush with your choice of our SAVOURY JELLY and top with cheese, baked in the oven.


Place fresh-squeezed orange juice, minced garlic,  a little white wine and minced ginger in a small pot, simmer to reduce, our ORANGE & GINGER MARMALADE and pour over duck breast or as a dip for duck wings.


Serve baby mozzarella with our GINGER HOT PEPPER JELLY as a snack.


Tortilla chips dipped in our JALAPENO PEPPER JELLY, really tasty.


Gluten-free pizza base, spread with HOT PEPPER JELLY, topped with roasted vegetables, shredded Emmenthal and baked. Slice.


Defrost puff pastry, slice black pudding across the centre and cook as usual. Spread the pastry with jelly, crumble the black pudding on top, roll and bake. While still warm slice into wheels and top with a dollop of our JALAPENO PEPPER JELLY.


Panfry Pork chops, when almost cooked brush our PINEAPPLE AND CHILLI JELLY on top to glaze.


Quesadillas, tortilla spread with our GINGER HOT PEPPER JELLY, filled with smoked salmon and cream cheese, top with another tortilla, place in lightly oiled hot pan to brown, turn to brown and heat through. Cut into wedges.


Add our MINT JELLY to mashed potatoes or toss into new potatoes or into gravy for your roast lamb.


Brown cocktail sausages in a pan, pop the pan in the oven to finish cooking the sausages, place on plate and drizzle with APPLE AND SAGE WITH CHILLI JELLY or our PINEAPPLE AND CHILLI JELLY.


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